Monday, March 17, 2008

Terrorism From Tiannanmen to Tibet

"By their fruits ye shall know them." -Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth

As of this writing the world watches with bated breath while the well-oiled killing machine known as the communist Chinese government has its dastardly way with the freedom-loving people of Tibet. Not content to have stolen their independence through conquest, the Chinese government periodically flexes its muscle upon the restive portions of Tibet whenever they try asserting their basic human dignity. However in this particular instance it may well be to defy the rest of the world to do anything about it. And in some respects that otherwise 'respectable' people may not like to admit, that's exactly how some of the rest of the world likes it.

Modern China is in many ways the 'first piece' (to bastardize an engineering term) example of what tomorrow's globalized world could look like. It's the wedlock love child of Robber Baron pseudo-capitalism grafted onto a mutant variety of charlatan Marxism, conceived in a Wall Street bordello that grew into its franchise almost fully grown. To put recent events in a proper context, one must revisit the last time China shot down people in its streets without bothering to charge their family members for the bullets - Tiannanmen Square. In 1989 the Chinese put down peaceful demonstrations where the young and visionary called for a more open society with democratic processes. And yet while world opinion was arguably outraged, a curious thing happened in the aftermath - Wall Street increased its investment in China's infrastructure and technology after the massacres.

As a matter of fact, vast portions of the U.S. manufacturing base were dismantled and carted off wholesale to communist China in the years that followed Tiannanmen, including sensitive technological areas like the microprocessors which steer JDAM satellite-guided munitions. Both republican and democrat stage puppets howled with indignation for the cameras while inking deals and relaxing regulations that contradicted the basic principles upon which the U.S. was founded. China made Wall Street an offer it could not refuse: a chance to relive their glory days as plantation masters once again. China's manufacturing and penal systems churn out myriads of products ranging from children's toys to organs harvested from executed prisoners. All for the lowest prices, and what's more, no pesky environmental standards to deal with. No blue-blooded American elitist could possibly say no to such a sweet Luciferian deal!

Pretty soon even the snooty European descendants of nations that suffered similar oppressions during the last global bang up were scrambling to lap up sloppy seconds and get in while the getting was good. The excuse bandied about by the mass media muppets at the time was 'If we isolate China we can't affect any reforms there.' What they really meant was 'If we take a principled stand against these bloodthirsty communists we'd miss out on some highly profitable opportunities.' Like the woman with low self-esteem who still risks dating abusive men because 'It'll be different with me,' the subjects of the complicit western governments and corporations went right along and quietly pretended not to notice what they were consenting to. Hardly anyone complained about U.S. and European corporations funding the expansion of the People's Liberation Army with the profits from their own outsourced jobs. Whereas labor unions in the U.S. were routinely demonized as quasi-communist fronts, nobody ever called the executive board of Walmart traitors for cozying up to the ChiComs.

There is a vicious and persistent symmetry to it all: the same Wall Street that owns and runs slaughterhouses where 'downer cows' are ground up and fed to beef cattle for human consumption supports the Chinese slaughterhouse where eating fetuses is sometimes considered a delicacy. The wares of that slaughterhouse are also meant for western consumption, only with lead paint and formaldehyde standing in for the effects of Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (a.k.a. Mad Cow disease) in this twisted little 'As above, so below' moment. If you're feeling just a wee bit betrayed by all of this, you should. But beware that you're revolting against a longstanding tradition within the circles of power - the ritualized backstabbing turned into an art form by the ruling elites of the modern world. With every ChiCom item purchased we drive even more nails into the collective coffin of our erstwhile enlightened consciousness. Such is the mandate from our supposed leaders. The reasons the Lord Hashem warned the Israelites against their taking on a king in the book of Samuel (He will eat out their substance and oppress the people) are just as valid today as when the Living G-d walked among his people.

Will there be a boycott of the Summer Olympics? Probably not. After all, the Chinese hosts have ushered the games in with the requisite blood sacrifices required by the global elite. That's why you won't hear Hillary, McCain or Obama denouncing the atrocities too loudly in an election year either - Wall Street will brook no dissent from its actors. Neither will the 'global warming' crowd lift a finger to denounce the crackdown, because who will make their iPods otherwise? In fact, at the behest of their globalist masters, the 'anti-carbon footprint' crowd has been trying to convince the rest of the dwindling middle class to emulate the Chinese 'sustainable' (read - lower per capita income) lifestyle for years now. And what's more, the liquidation of hundreds of Tibetians will give lie to marketing campaign known as the war on terror, because in the power elite's playbook it's not terrorism if a state that plays ball does it. In fact, the war on terror is being used to acclimate Americans to their government working more like China does. Wiping out the Tibetian opposition may provoke a little bluster from the Busheviks, the Obama brigades and the like. But when all is said and done they'll still be open for business, no matter how blood-soaked the Chinese government's hands may be.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous One ,don't forget GW's Uncle,the one that stayed behind to keep track of things after GHW Bush left China as ambassator from the US.Somehow these fucks have set this whole thing up,all thats left is to spring the trap,later.

A. Magnus Publius said...

Anthony C. Sutton wrote an excellent series of well-researched books describing in detail how western corporations both financed and armed the Nazi war machine and Trotsky's Red Army. This same pattern was exhibited during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the arming of the Afghan Mujahideen that same year to fight against the Soviets.

The Mujahideen later evolved into what is known today as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. And now Red China has been cast into this recurring pattern as Wall Street and Washington have worked very hard to raise a credible future monster which will have to be destroyed in the not-so distant future. This topic is definitely worthy of an upcoming post.