Friday, March 14, 2008

Every Day is the Ides of March

The Ides (15th) of March is the anniversary of one of the most celebrated coups in recorded history - plays, movies, novels and poems have all been written about the fateful day Julius Caesar was felled on the floor of the Roman senate by an organized conspiracy of armed senators fearful of his ever consolidating power. Some of those conspirators were even trusted friends of Caesar's, as evidenced by the classic quote "Et tu, Brute? (You too, Brutus?)" Brutus was a close friend and supporter of Caesar who too was distrustful of his growing influence.

What most people don't realize is that everyday folks face an intellectual Ides of March every waking moment of their lives. The very institutions, public figures and even friends and family people rely upon to keep an even keel in many cases are the same agents of betrayal (deliberately or unaware) that Caesar faced on the senate floor. What people also don't realize is that these agents in many cases look upon them with the same fear, bile and contempt that theoretically should be reserved for actual villains and potentates. Here are some prominent examples:

1. State sanctioned corporations - entities with deep enough pockets to 'ease' their way past the covetous maws of the ruling bureaucracy. Many of these entities, like IBM for example, actually receive refunds in their corporate tax filings some years in excess of what they actually pay. And this is despite the fact that they would sell their technology to anyone who would buy it, no matter what their customers may be capable of. It is not definitively known if they knew beforehand that the Nazis would use their punch card computers to make the trains to Auschwitz run like clockwork, but they must have known the character of their clientele after the 'preemptive' invasions of Poland, Czechslovakia, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Greece, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia from 1939 to 1942.

And like IBM during World War II, modern vaccine manufacturers enforce a quasi-eugenic mandate when they deliberately poison the general population with mercury-laden additives in their vaccines. One wonders if members of Congress get the same 'cocktail' doses that U.S. troops get en route to the Middle East theaters of combat. Nobody has ever said whose responsibility it was to ensure that everyone gets the good stuff, now have they? Yet these corporations are prevalent in the everyday lives of western peoples due to the global Fabian socialism inherent in this consumptive culture. Their logos festoon the sports arenas and their products arguably enhance our lives, but just like the Judas goats that they are, they'll often shrink from doing the right thing if they think they can get away with it. Et tu, corporations?

2. Then there's the mass media, that brothel of brotherly betrayal which pushes a stage managed view of reality in a viciously scientific manner at the behest of those same corporations and in deference to the state. These are the purveyors of the big lie, the Potemkin propagandists who sing lullabies of your liberty to your sensibilities while denying you enough of a full picture to make a truly free and informed decision. They can't quite push enough celebrity titillation and scandal down your throat when you really should be paying attention to the nitty-gritty of say, when your government is telling other governments halfway around the globe that war is coming several months before a 'surprise terror attack' goes down.

As if blindsiding you isn't enough, they'll foist upon you the most outrageous Twilight Zone scenarios packaged as entertainment, where all the state's enforcers are dead-shot scientists with Aryan chiseled features, hearts of gold and impeccable judgment - not the thugs who taser drivers for not signing speeding tickets, arrest grandmothers for taking too long in the drive-thru or plant evidence on helpless, handcuffed victims while their cruisers record the whole thing in real life. No, you'll get spy shows whose entire premise is the justification of torture based on the most remote possibilities, the ones right up there with alien abductions and finding a picture of Jesus in your breakfast cereal (sorry Lord, just making a point). But you'll get all the fast edits, shifting camera angles, manufactured tension and utter silence on matters of the Nuremberg codes, because what you don't know won't save you in the camps. It's called agenda setting, where they don't tell you how to think but instead show you what they want you to think about, and there's a whole social engineering science to the process. Et tu, mass media?

3. Rounding out this Trivium of Treason for this evening are the supposed public servants, the cream of the crap, the saviors of Satan, the poster boys for all who would replace the Living G-d with their miserable, rotting selves. If ever there was a boil on humanity's backside, these people are it! They're not even wise enough to realize they're merely providing a visible target to distract the gaze of their victims away from their actual masters pulling the strings. By virtue of the fortunate accidents of their birth they will rationalize endless ways they can get away with the very things they forbid their constituents from doing. Bribes are illegal because they are too small; make a campaign contribution, some major soft money love to the party store front of your choice and you'll get the unflinching ear of the elected. Slap your spouse in the face, spend a night in the slammer. But become a 'made man' of the ruling elite and you can shoot even your own friends in the face without any repercussions.

What other job lets you forcibly steal the earnings of everyone beneath your self-proclaimed station, pass the loot out to your cronies and smile to the cameras as you take the people's money and use it against them? After all, taxpaying voters will never come calling for the pound of flesh you rightfully owe them. Nobody ever did after Kent State, Waco, Wounded Knee or the M.O.V.E. compound got wiped out. In poorer, less developed nations the natives would run home to get guns, knives, pointed sticks or tires filled with gasoline. In these parts the electorate victims only grab their ankles tighter, hoping their violators will be spent soon so they can slink back into their cathode-ray oblivion and wallow in their mythical manliness. Why? Because the ultimate genital whip is an atomic bomb, and the public servants here have them by the truckload. They used them on foes who were already trying to surrender, they use reactor waste in munitions that kill the enemy fast and their own soldiers what would stop them from nuking Vermont if they tried to secede? The public servants here now have the public serving THEM, and it's all in the name of protecting the public. Et tu, government?


Pixeldoggy said...

Glad to see you have joined the legions of bloggers, even though this blog might get you kicked out of the country. It will take me a while to work through your posts as I'm out of town for a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to reading more.

A. Magnus Publius said...

There are many bloggers who say much worse things than what I laid out (notice how I talked about ideas more than about individuals). I just felt that after 7 years of Sulfur Boy in charge that I needed to vent - especially since it looks like we're going to go through this crap with another war all over again. I truly just want to wake up tomorrow morning back in pre-9/11, non-communist occupied America. But I also realize that dream, like the one where I have a threesome with Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima is an extreme impossibility.